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Saturday, April 19, 2014

OW! Milt takes a bullet on page nine of The Golden Bone Gambit!

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in Cable Car Chaos

What a great cartoon!

Two stand out moments in this fine cartoon: the scene with Mickey trying to get his bike up the hill. Man, they animated the hell out of it. You can feel his struggle trying to get the bike up the hill. (When I rode bikes a lot, I had a rough time on steep hills. I know how Mickey feels!)

The second is when the trolley handle starts laughing at Minnie. It strikes me as a classic Tex Avery moment and makes me laugh every time.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April snow showers will bring May flowers.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Fart: A Love Story

Fart: A Love Story:

My first silly video!

Fart: A Love Story will be the first in a series of dumb videos available only to patrons. Check out my Patron site here, help fund and support more silly videos and keep MILT an ongoing comic!

Page seven of The Golden Bone Gambit!

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Intro video to the MILT Patron site!

Here is the intro video for my patron site, which you can find here.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Aaron's Dumb Words: Planet Comicon and Wizard World St. Louis 2014

Check out my pal Aaron's recap of Planet Comicon and Wizard World St Louis!

Aaron's Dumb Words: Planet Comicon and Wizard World St. Louis 2014: I attended two big comic book conventions this last month, Planet Comicon in Kansasy City and Wizard World St. Louis (I think you can guess ...

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Page three of The Golden Bone Gambit! Did you read it?

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The Treasure Stealers! Available in print and online!

The Treasure Stealers, the first Milt adventure, ran through the entire month of August, 2011. It was my big comic book experiment, to see if I could draw a page a day and post it for an entire month. It worked, and a lot of people liked it and thought it was fun.

Now collected, there are FOUR awesome ways to read The Treasure Stealers!
1. Get the print book through Amazon, collecting the story in its entirety with a few sketches and doodles.
2. Get the digital version availible on your Kindle Fire!
3. Buy the digital version directly through me and receive a CBZ file. (Did I mention that the digital version, both the Kindle and CBZ versions have over 80 pages of comics? They sure do!)
4. Become a patron of Milt! The second big adventure of Milt, The Golden Bone Gambit, has begun! Become a patron and see the comic that posts three days a week in advance and get yourself a PDF copy of The Treasure Stealers and you can even score a sketch by yours truly!

Here's a preview of the print book! It looks pretty sweet.

Here's a note on the production of The Treasure Stealers. I came up with the idea of Milt while watching some old black and white Mickey Mouse cartoons. They had a great sense of adventure, and Milt popped into my head fully formed, which was nice. Didn't have to go through revision after revision. And the story was there. So I had my main character with his gung-ho attitude and spaghetti arms and legs and the story.

I was good to go, and decided to make it a daily strip, to see if I could do it. And I did, and it was awesome.

The Treasure Stealers was drawn with a Sharpie Pen in a 6x9 lined notebook. It was an experiment in stream of consciousness cartooning. No story or outline was written out, and at one point I spelled one of the character's names wrong. I think there are a couple other little mistakes, but I kept it all in there. No pencils were harmed in the creation of this book.

And now it's collected and looks better than I could have hoped, and I'm proud to put a copy on my kid's bookshelf for when he's old enough to read it.

So check it out, buy a copy, tell all yer friends!